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ºº 100 Free MAXScripts online º. 2011.07.10
Today after posting another requested script I saw that bit by bit my free MAXScripts online hit 100. I know that the quantity is not important but this is a kind of news for my web site, right? :) Actually that's really important (at least to me) is that I'm with MAXScript just for 2 years, fully self learned, and am not a programmer at all, so can say that I'm satisfied from what I achieve so far.
What disappoints me is insufficient donations. I know that a lot of peoples enjoy my scripts and used some of them in their everyday work (saving their time), but this year I received donations from a few friends only.
Shortly, I want to remind that the donation button is on my Download page Thanks!
ºº Site survey º. 2011.04.10
Your base working language?

54 votes
Start at 10.04.2011
End   at 12.07.2011


Thanks for spending a time to vote

ºº Site update status º. 2010.12.27
The new navigation menu is ready and most of the pages are open. Of course, the site update is still in progress. More contents should be added, also some extant contents should be updated. As I said before, I'll update my site step-by-step and this will take some time.
ºº General site update º. 2010.12.24
I plan from a long time to update my web site thoroughly but never come enough free time to do this at once, so I'll do this on steps. Actually, my design template is simple and I like it, but current site navigation menu is very vague and I wish to make it more clear and sorted. What I need to note here is that it is possible some pages to be offline for awhile. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
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