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About me...
Me Panayot Karabakalov
Sofia, Bulgaria

Technical Artist
(currently self employed)

Mainly MAXScript development,
animation & rigging in 3ds Max

Map on my country - Bulgaria, drawing by me ( free hand )
the European Union map This map i drew by hand in 2002 because a lot of people do not know where is Bulgaria. This is very strange.

Bulgaria became a member of the European Union in January 1, 2007.

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I can say my interest in animation began in early childhood at a time when computers (and CG animation) did not yet exist. My interest in what goes on below the hood is also permanent.

I started with web design as a joke. I handled a photo album trial program that used a few HTML templates, which included some very limited customize options and ... toyed with that ... and from there I unconsciously became involved with HTML coding.

Playing with ActionScript (AS) in Flash is another issue. It's just the part of the "game" and all we know Flash would never have become what it is today without AS. I wasn't won over by the last Adobe modification (AS3), where the word "script" in the sense of the language became completely derailed. The "script" and "programming" language are not the same things. I was playing with Java programming (one of the most difficult of all languages available) a long time ago, just for fun, but enough that I feel I can say AS3 is practically just a variation of Java. Today to play with so complicated a language just to add interactivity to the Flash output file (.swf) is really a total waste of time.

The MaxScript (3ds Max language) is a totally different case. MXS can extend your workflow, as SDK programming languages do, but with really humane and friendly code syntax. Of course, like any other language, MXS has it own limit, but is there anybody who reaches this limit? :)


Main CV & Resume

  • Main CV: PDF (20KB) | DjVu (7KB)
  • Resume: (currently offline for improvement)


Web Design

Links to some clients` web site projects:

Other partners and customers: More details you'll find into my resume.


Flash Animations

Too many staffs lost in the years. I still kept 50 "survivors" flash animated greeting cards from 2 different commercial projects in which I was involved as flash animator. A few hundred (better of them) which no more of my property are vanished. I kept my 50's on my personal site: flashhh.hit.bg


    flashhh.hit.bg is on a limited server hosting and is available only for Bulgaria and some European countries. If you do not have access, you can see 4 examples below.


Flash Games Development

It's a pain for me to talk about this... (I'll share more into my resume).



3D Abilities


3D World magazine
MAXScript tutorial for the issue 132 (July 2010)
3D World 132

ScriptSpot community
Many MAXScripts (plug-ins, utilities, tools, tutorials)

V-MOTION company
Commercial script projects (Oct-Nov 2010)

Technical Artist Assistance
Due to the copyright I can't share my work on private projects but I share day by day more and more examples of my work into the site MAXScript section (many of them are inspired from my practice).

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