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Well, to satisfy everybody with quick access to all of my max scripts that I share online - fisrt, I supply Archive section into the site, but I wrote 2 scripts as well to save your time.

Now you can check for new scripts and updates (without forcing you to visit my web site) using my archive application. It come in 2 versions - scripted and as shell (HTA) application.

Also I made and upload a script downloader for direct downloads. My scripts are not uploaded as single rar/zip package and this downloader is intended to simplify downloads task by grabbing all of them at once. Note: All scripts saved in your users local data folder:
3dsmax\downloads\AnubisScripts. That mean they not go into the Max's programs folder, look for them in e.g.: C:\Documents and Settings\*USER_NAME*\My Documents\3dsMax\downloads  

Archive application

Get the Archive application from here or test it first online here (pop up window).  

Script downloader

Get ASDownloader from here. Watch the video for details.
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