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MAXScript Tutorials

Here is a few example scripted animations & PDF tutorials.
Some peoples find them useful and I decide to keep them online.


Example scripted animations

XviD's video clips are less than 5 MB, but if you use low-speed internet connection then it's better to download them to your disk, or watch them on alternative mirror links on Yandex or YouTube. Also you can download MAXScripts that are used to make the animations by clicking on the .MS icon. Note: Current host server has some file limitaions so any AVI files here can be deleted, but I'll reupload them as soon as I can.

PDF tutorials

  Available Tutorials
Lets Play With Array
A simple MaxScript tutorial that I wrote to help on question posted into the ScriptSpot forum. Of course, I written it in manner what allow to read it without bound the context to the forum topic. I was try as well to make it simple for the novice coders.
Making of "Layers Cleaner"
How to write a script that clean up all empty layers in the Layer Manager, and how to simplify the code as well.
Making of "Quick Mask"
How to write a script that render quickly black and white mask from selected objects, while keeping the scene materials and settings intact, also keeping the code as simple as possible, including supplement features like set a bitmap copy to the Windows clipboard and adding support for XRef Scenes.
Setting Up MAXScript OLE Automation
As I found an incomplete instructions into the docs on how to setup MAXScript OLE Automation, and as I see so it's still zero help about online, finally decide to wrote this doc with hope to helps all peoples who needs to reg their Max as OLE Server.
  Next (Coming...) Tutorials
Making of "SubFrame Render"
How to jump over the limitation in 3ds Max that not allow you to save the sequential subframes.
Making of "Video Convertor" (exercise)
An exercise about read/write video frames.
  Possible (ToDo List) Tutorials
Making of "Instance Duplicate Materials"
Writing an utility like the existing "Instance Duplicate Map" utility in Max Material Editor but for Materials.
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